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Spring Cleanups

Every spring we visit our properties to clean up any sticks, leaves, or debris left over from the previous winter and fall. Dead grass called “thatch” is removed to prevent suffocation and promote growth of the turf. Heavy stick areas are raked by hand to ensure a thorough cleanup of that area. To ensure removal of leaves in hard to reach corners we use back-pack blowers to blow the leaves onto the turf. From there, our mowers use heavy duty collection systems to collect all thatch, leaves, and debris that are later disposed of.

Landscape design, and Irrigation

Enhance your property for many years to come by installing proper irrigation. Landscapes By Design will ensure your yard and planting beds will be well watered throughout the year. Looking to update and maintain your current irrigation system? Call to set up a free on-site estimate and get started today.

General lawn care, and Maintenance

Responsible for the care of the landscaping and grounds surrounding a business or home. The design is carefully drawn out and implemented to create curb appeal. To maintain wee control and promote a healthy lawn.

Fall Cleanup

Every fall after a substantial amount of leaves have fallen from trees we will then perform what we call a fall cleanup. This consists of blowing all the leaves from beds and around trees onto the turf where it is then bagged by our heavy duty collection systems that are attached to our mowers. For bigger areas we use forced air to blow leaves to a curb where a neat line is formed for our leaf collection truck to pick up. We will have to make several trips to the same property to ensure a thorough cleanup to prevent any mess in the upcoming spring. We accomplish this before the first snowfall.